Moving Women from Broken to Blossoming ~ Recovering from Past Sexual Trauma

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Hello this is Dawn Churchill, and I serve as a transformational life coach, author, speaker, and ordained pastor. I am the creator of Moving Women from Broken to Blossoming ~ a comprehensive recovery program for adult women still suffering from the lingering effects of past sexual trauma.

By the grace of God, I’ve been doing transformational life coaching for 12 years now, and trauma coaching for the past 3 years. I’m still blown away how God has done massive shifts and produced miraculous results in the lives of my clients. Truly He has done great and marvelous things!

By His anointing, creativity, and wisdom, I have written a comprehensive coaching program that radically transforms and heals every area of death, destruction, and damage that has plagued the lives of women who have experienced past sexual trauma and/or narcissistic abuse.


And I’d like to tell you a little bit about it … All program participants receive lifetime access to our membership website of course curriculum containing recorded videos, written transcripts, PDF print outs, and audio recordings. All participants enjoy weekly group teaching calls, and a separate private online community forum where they have an accountability partner, and online group discussions. All participants have two opportunities to dial in their questions and get input for personal application through two different group coaching calls each week. If that isn’t enough, all participants partake in bimonthly music therapy soaking sessions (worship music) where individual and group prayer ministry goes forth, with anointed psalmists and prophetic ministers. And that’s not all, within our group coaching model, we have quarterly guest speakers who are experts in their field, and who come to impart great wisdom, encouragement, life changing messages. And last but not least, each participant gets lifetime access to my flagship coaching program 21 Day Mindset Reset.


To completely sponsor 1 woman’s program for the next year is a $350 monthly investment or a one-time gift of $4200

To sponsor half of woman’s program for the next year is a $175 monthly investment or a one-time gift of $2100

Our projected annual program budget is $133,000

($100,800 for 24 women’s programs, $25,000 part time staff,

$7200 start-up costs – office equipment, website development, marketing)

Here are a few of the ways in which I am committing to continue building relationship with each donor and sponsor, and how I will pour back into YOU as you support me and our team in delivering each woman from the destruction of her past.

  • Monthly Chain Breaker video email newsletter
  • Bimonthly progress reports on group successes and individual breakthroughs
  • Quarterly invitation to attend LIVE as Dawn delivers exclusive content and prophetic messages to our financial & prayer support team
  • As well as special product gift offers for our monthly donors and sponsors


Weekly on Tuesday nights at 6PM central & 7PM eastern … Current Episode EJECTING STORED TRAUMA!!!

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