Personal Success Coaching

Consists of 3 sessions per month, approximately 60 minutes duration each session. This is meant to assist the mastery process of 21 Day Mindset or 30 Day Press coaching programs.


21 Day Mindset and 30 Day Press

Both are 1-month coaching programs, with lifetime access to course content. For those who need additional support, individual one-on-one coaching is available for an additional fee.

21 Day Mindset Reset will completely rewire your internal core belief system, which is the unseen “auto pilot” that is constantly at work, producing every circumstance in your current career, relationships, finances, health/fitness, and spiritual development.


30 Day Press is a goal achievement program that will guarantee you absolute success in any area of significantly needed change, focusing on the skills of developing resiliency to press forward through every obstacle that impedes your consistent daily action.

Dawn’s 7-step Champion Action Plan, 5-part Bounce Back Game Plan, and Daily Grit (developing a Winners Are Never Quitters mentality) are the “secret sauce” you’ve been missing from every area of goal achievement in your life!


Business, Wealth, and Entrepreneur Mindset Mastery

Consists of 3 sessions per month, approximately 75-90 minutes duration each session. 21 Day Mindset Reset course is complimentary. Minimum 12-month contract commitment. This is an exclusive coaching program only offered to 3 new clients every quarter. It is a combination of mindset mastery, business skill development, public speaking training, marketing education, and construct business processes into place to help you build and scale your business within a 12-month time frame.

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Michelle in Indiana

Dawn’s life coaching has been such a blessing to me.  I know that my life would not be this healthy unless I had her in my life.  First of all, she has helped me change my mindset about me.  I was stuck in a rut and didn’t understand my self-worth due to past traumas.  I had framed my life from past hurts and failures until I met her.  Now I am learning strategies to get built-up from within and I have found true joy.  I am also beginning to release excess weight that I simply couldn’t shed on my own.  She is truly a God-send for anyone looking for a person of integrity to help you through the rough spots in life.  I am so grateful for her and thankful to finally see positive results.

Molly in Illinois

I met Dawn back in 2010-2011 and will have to say that she has been one of the most influential friends that I have ever met, most influential through my faith journey with God but also in my self development journey. Dawn has helped me figure out who I am as a person, as well as helped me figure out how I am a valuable person in Gods eyes, if your struggling mentally, emotionally or spiritually I would highly suggest setting up a monthly session with Dawn, because no one should walk through the journey alone!

Therese in Illinois

Dawn has been an AMAZING coach and leader. I have been using her coaching services for over a year. She is able to use her talents and God-given abilities to share insight, knowledge and wisdom. She is truly supportive, holding me accountable to my established goals and to the changes I am trying to make. Dawn is very patient, and speaks truth in love, often to uncover things I don’t see in myself or confront negative beliefs that I have developed over time. She uses practical methods to help keep me on track. Dawn’s course content is truly divinely inspired and has helped me to learn and develop new habits and change old mindsets that hold me in negative patterns. Her own testimony and experience is inspiring, and gives me hope. Dawn’s coaching has been invaluable and priceless! I know I have someone in my corner who consistently helps to me move forward.

Christina in Texas

I first met Dawn when I was at work. We shared some similar stores as I was working and she told me God told her to help me. She explained to me about her Life Coaching. I have learned to invest in myself to become better than I was. Since starting working with Dawn my general perception and awareness has changed immensely. I have more peace and willingness to do more and better myself than I did before. She has taught me to understand the tools used in her program and how to implement them into my life to help myself. Thank you Dawn for all you have done!!!!!