Navigating Transition Like a BOSS!

Are you ready to go from Stagnation to ELEVATION???

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I’m about to level up my life LIKE A BOSS!!! Join me for the party July 18-20, 2022 #likeaboss #dawnchurchill #comebackchampion


7/18/22 @ 7:30PM central – Keys #1 and #2 on (LIVE on

7/19/22 @ 7:30PM central – Key #3 and Treasure #1 (LIVE in private group)

7/20/22 @ 7:30PM central – Treasures #2 and #3 (LIVE in private group)

Wrap Up/ Final Session/ Q&A 7/21/22 @ 7PM central – How to Develop Boss Level Mindset that will rocket launch you from Stagnation to Elevation! (LIVE in private group)