Moving Women from Broken to Blossoming

Recovering from Past Sexual Trauma, Toxic Relationships, and Narcissistic Abuse

Year 1 begins September 12, 2022

  • Year 1 Program includes:
  • Immediate access to 21 Day Mindset Reset
  • Access to private Facebook group for participants only
  • Weekly group Teaching calls
  • Weekly small group Coaching calls
  • Bi-monthly music therapy soaking sessions (live anointed psalmists & prayer ministers)
  • Quarterly expert guest speakers on various topics
  • For who need biweekly one-on-one sessions with Dawn, there is an option you can request

Year 2 Program released in 2023

Late Registration

12 monthly payments of $347 OR one-time payment of $3470 ($694 discount)

Scholarship monies are available for those who qualify based on financial need; Please complete this FORM. Applications must be submitted no later than Sept. 30, 2022 for consideration

All program participants receive lifetime access to our membership website of course curriculum containing recorded videos, written transcripts, PDF print outs, and audio recordings. Additionally, all participants enjoy weekly group teaching calls, and a separate private online community forum where they have an accountability partner, and online group discussions. All participants have two opportunities to dial in their questions and get input for personal application at two different group coaching calls each week. If that isn’t enough, all participants partake in bimonthly music therapy soaking sessions (worship music) where individual and group prayer ministry goes forth, with anointed psalmists and prophetic ministers. And that’s not all, within our group coaching model, we have quarterly guest speakers who are experts in their field, and who come to impart great wisdom, encouragement, life changing messages. And last but not least, each participant gets lifetime access to my flagship coaching program 21 Day Mindset Reset.

In no particular order, here is a list of topics we cover within the entire 2-year model:

  • healing rejection wounds from fathers and mothers who were not healthy enough to love us, specifically parent narcissistic abuse
  • healing from self-blame, shame, and condemnation
  • healing from low self-esteem and devalued self-worth
  • healing from abandonment and an orphan mindset
  • healing from anxiety, fear, worry, and paranoia
  • healing from depression, suicide, and a spirit of heaviness
  • learning how to forgive yourself, forgive God, and forgive others
  • defining authentic self-awareness, soul diagnosis, and true self care
  • healing from childhood molestation, child pornography, rape, sex trafficking, slavery, prostitution, and other sexual traumas
  • healing from self-loathing, self-hatred, and self-harm tendencies
  • healing from hatred God, and those who abused us
  • healing from frustration, impatience, anger, rage, revenge, and retaliation
  • healing from powerlessness, helplessness, and a victim mindset
  • healing mood swings, nervous system dysregulation, and PTSD symptoms
  • healing broken heartedness, grief, sorrow, and loss
  • healing from chaos, toxic relationships, trauma bonds, and narcissistic abuse
  • healing from soul fragmentation and disassociation
  • healing from chronic illness, frequent infections, and autoimmune diseases
  • healing from eating disorders, obesity, and addictions
  • healing from control, manipulation, word curses, and occultic ritualistic abuse
  • healing from forced silence, a diminished voice, a suppressed cry, and destroyed personal boundaries
  • healing from insecurities, shrinking small, and attention seeking behaviors
  • healing a scattered mind, clutter, flashbacks, and memory/concentration issues
  • healing from stagnation, procrastination, self-sabotage, and a languishing spirit
  • healing from poverty, scarcity, and lack
  • healing from failure, defeat, and quitters’ mentality