The dawn of a New Year usually brings people to a place of introspection, evaluating their life. Many of us make New Year’s resolutions, and even possibly begin taking steps toward achieving them, but often fall short of seeing them through to completion. I myself have often been guilty.

But the reality is … You CAN have whatever you want in life!!!

First, YOU MUST SEE IT. And what I mean by this is, you must SEE yourself walking in the realities of what you desire. Whether that be a better job, completing a level of education, being more financially secure, losing weight, getting in shape, establishing quality relationships, beginning a business, writing a book, etc. And the list goes on. Whatever it is, you must consistently SEE it in your thoughts, daydreams, mindsets, etc. And whenever contradictory, negative thoughts attempt to crowd out that vision, you must determinedly FOCUS on the reality you wish to walk in.

Second, YOU MUST MAKE A GAME PLAN. And be realistic. Set achievable goals in realistic time frames. There’s nothing wrong with setting lofty goals, as long as you don’t allow yourself to become discouraged or complacent if they take slightly longer to achieve, AS LONG AS YOU ACHIEVE THEM. Get a “vision board”. Write out your dream, your desires, etc. But don’t just look at the dream. Make a game plan of ACTION STEPS you need to accomplish, and give yourself deadlines in which to secure them. (((Habakkuk 2:2)))

Third, STOP SABOTAGING YOUR OWN SUCCESS. You can sabotage your own dreams with negative thinking, lack of follow through on action steps toward achieving your goals, negative words that you speak over your own life, agreeing with negative words spoken by others, settling for less than your achieved desires, etc. You can sabotage your desires, your dreams, your visions by making foolish choices, irresponsible actions, wasting time, money, effort on worthless things, or by wasting time doing nothing at all.

Let’s look at a hypothetical illustration: Suppose you make less than $25,000 annually. You have limited resources to devote toward attaining a higher education. You have limited resources toward saving large sums of money. However, you COULD begin saving all your loose change every month FOR A YEAR, and deposit it into a savings account. It might not start as much $$$ but by the end of one year, I predict you would have saved at least a few hundred dollars. You COULD begin saving the money you might spend on just 1 trip to a fast food restaurant every week, and deposit it into that same savings account. That would probably result in at least $5 per week, which would total at least $260 annually. You COULD begin to research grant and financial assistance programs to aide you in going back to school. Using this illustration, a person making less than $25,000 annually would likely qualify for many such programs. You COULD take just 1 or 2 courses per year toward completing that degree. But if you continue to make excuses, negative statements, negative mindsets, lacking follow through on appropriate action steps, etc. Then YOUR ACTIONS will agree with your words and thoughts.

Fourth, YOU NEED SOMEONE TO HOLD YOU ACCOUNATBLE. Whether you are trying to lose weight, save money, earn a degree, establish better interpersonal relationships, whatever it is, you need someone who will be GRACIOUSLY HONEST with you, and hold you accountable to the things you determine to achieve. This needs to be someone who loves you, has your best interests at heart, but will also ask you the hard questions, and will challenge you to press forward when you are tempted to give up.

And fifth, YOU NEED GOD!!! Only God can often give me the strength to persevere when I want to give up. Only God can give me wisdom, insight, revelation, and knowledge that no person can provide. Only God can direct me to the best resources and people I need to help me along the way. Only God can place me in strategic places, with divine encounters, making God-ordained connections that no man can provide for me. Only God can reveal to me His plan, His will, His desired path for me to walk. Only God can shield me from failures and setbacks, as I submit to Him, as I obey his warnings. (((Philippians 4:13; 2 Corinthians 12:9)))

  • Decide what you want
  • SEE it, THINK it, FOCUS on it, SPEAK it
  • Make a game plan
  • Stop sabotaging your success
  • Get an accountability partner

Cheers to YOU and making 2015 the best year YOU or I have ever lived!!! 🙂