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Empowering QUITTERS to embrace FAITH & POSSIBILITIES as a lifestyle!

Dance Facilitator bio

She was born to DANCE… but created to WORSHIP.

With creative boldness, limitless strength and the steadfast desire to chase after the heart of God, Dawn Churchill has taken extensive years of formal dance training to emerge as one of the foremost leaders of worship in the country! She serves as the National Coordinator for International Christian Dance Fellowship USA. https://www.facebook.com/CDFUSA.ORG/

For 30 years, Dawn – the dynamic founder and artistic director of Danspirations Company (a semi-professional ensemble), has soulfully cultivated messages of HOPE and INSPIRATION through dance. From her spiritual womb, the National Coordinator for Christian Dance Fellowship USA has birthed multiple church and community dance ministry groups, utilizing various genres to bring the Gospel to life through movement. Jazz, tap, hip-hop, modern, lyrical, African…Dawn has integrated each style into colorfully illustrating the songs God assigns her to teach at schools, workshops, conferences and college campuses. Her ability to plant has helped hundreds of dancers harvest their dreams.  Tradition doesn’t hold her, boxes don’t contain her – Dawn’s versatility has reached the nations, from Puerto Rico, to the Bahamas, to Trinidad and beyond!                    

Unbreakable faith has garnered Dawn (a licensed and ordained pastor and prophet) certifications in Cize Live, Werq Fitness, Zumba and Boot Camp Challenge. Not only is Dawn fit to worship, she’s equipped to get clients physically fit! Full of inspiration and creative strategies, her book From Depressed to Fit & Free has served as a powerful catalyst to propel many into optimum health and triumphant mindset renewal.

There’s not an 8-count that pressures Dawn Churchill into compromise. Her desire to please God has helped her make unwavering sacrifices that have opened the door for her to serve leaders mentally, physically and spiritually with quality products and services to help them SOAR. Whether it’s small groups, prayer groups or women’s ministries, Dawn exudes passion, excellence and the love of Christ in all she does.

She’s more than a dancer … Dawn Churchill is a burst of originality who is called to cultivate!

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Prior to 2015, Dawn’s primary ministry experience was centered on liturgical dance, preaching, and teaching, throughout the USA. She has been honored to minister in Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, and Trinidad & Tobago.

Since 2016, Dawn’s ministry has shifted to include prophetic evangelism, city-wide prayer & worship, and connecting with like-minded ministries to collectively open the heavens above cities and see the manifest presence of Jesus bring salvation, deliverance, and governmental change.

Author/Speaker Bio

Dawn Churchill serves as a transformational life coach, author, speaker, and ordained pastor & prophet.

She is the creator of Moving Women from Broken to Blossoming ~ a comprehensive recovery program for adult women still suffering from the lingering effects of past sexual trauma and/or narcissistic abuse.

By the grace of God, Dawn has done life coaching and health & wellness coaching for 12 years, and trauma coaching for the past 5 years.

God has done massive shifts and produced miraculous results in the lives of her clients!

By the grace of God, they go from depressed to hopeful, from fearful & anxious to fiercely confident, from suicidal to joyful, from addictions and eating disorders to peaceful contentedness, and from illness & sickness to vibrantly healthy.

Her clients become experts in reinventing their careers and skyrocketing their earning potential, in closing doors to toxic relationships and attracting healthy new connections, and in triumphing over nervous system dysregulation and healing all PTSD symptoms.

In short, Dawn’s clients become radically restored physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and financially by the grace, power, and goodness of God.