Word of the Lord 12/28/15-1/6/16



During a power outage we experienced in Washington, IL during an ice storm the end of December 2015, the Lord gave me a vision of what is coming soon. The earth was covered in a SPIRITUAL darkness, with what seemed to be no light. People became desperate for light, and heat, for which there was no sun. As the sources of unnatural light and heat became scarce, people became even more desperate, willing to do almost anything to have some source of light and heat. This vision was a picture of what I believe our world will experience spiritually, after the Lord Jesus returns.  The presence of God will seemed to have vanished. People will search for “light” but will only be able find false sources of it, which will only temporarily provide them with hope. Spiritual confusion, desolateness, hopelessness, and anxiety will be rampant. Mankind will search for answers, for which they can seemingly find none. Only a few will find God during this season. This season of spiritual darkness will be a precursor to the devastating darkness and separation from God, those who do not know Him will experience at the end of the age. A few days after I saw this vision, one of my sons had a dream that was word-for-word exactly like the vision I saw. Here is the Word God spoke to me through it:

“The time of my Son’s return is VERY NEAR. His return is so much SOONER than most are aware. I have sent My prophets in the past, to give warning of His return. But My church in America is asleep. She is lethargic, not watching, not prayerful, not holy. The Enemy has lulled her into a state of compromise, ungodliness, unconscious drowsiness. She lacks the DUNAMIS power of My Spirit. The spirit of Sodom & Gomorrah has taken residence in America, and much of My church has succumbed to its enticements. My church does not realize the grave position of incompetence it has declined to. My church is focused on creating its own contentment & happiness apart from Me. She seeks for fulfillment in all the carnal distractions & temptations of this world, and yet believes She is still righteous before Me.

Through Her compromise, the Enemy has convinced her, that she is “okay”, and blinded her eyes to the truth: that She is pitiful, wretched, poor, blind, and naked. She believes she is alive, yet she is as dead, barely breathing. She believes she is awake, but does not know how lethargic & drowsy she actually is. Her continued state of compromise has caused her to lose sensitivity to My Spirit, so that she does not sense the conviction of My Holy Spirit. Yet all the while, her eyes are blind to her disgraceful state. Without eyes to see and ears to hear, She does not know My voice. She lacks My power, and therefore has no spiritual authority to bring healing, salvation, or repentance to the lost.

Even many of the elect of My ministers, My ambassadors, My called ones are walking in unaware spiritual darkness. They seek to build their own acclaim, their own kingdoms, and their own glory while pretending to glorify My Holy Name. But I know their hearts. Many of them draw near to me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me. They too, believe they are “okay” yet are blind to their contemptable state of ungodliness. They cannot bring true repentance & salvation to the lost, when they themselves refuse to repent before Me.

The time of My Son Jesus’ return is drawing near. All of creation is currently groaning, with the undercurrents of awaiting His return. After He comes, great spiritual darkness will cover the earth. My presence will seem to have completely disappeared. Those who are currently living in darkness, will realize their depravity, and will search for Me, but it will seem as though I cannot be found. Economies will collapse, wars will be rampant, and there will be loud cries for My mercy, but it will appear I do not see or hear their cries. Only a few will find Me, in the midst of the great darkness coming.

I am calling My prophets to sound the alarm loud and long. Warn my people that I am coming. Call my church out of compromise. Call My church to prayer & humility. Share the gospel with the lost, while I can still be easily found. My mercy is still great, for those who will receive it. But the time is coming soon, that My mercy will be difficult to find, and My presence scarce.”

Says the Lord

After this, I experienced 3 days of severe nausea & a few times of regurgitation.  The Lord assured me I was not sick or coming down with a virus.  HE said He was showing me what it is like for Him, when His people are neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm. Revelation 3:15-16

  • Cold – sluggish, inert, one destitute of warm Christian faith & desire for holiness
  • Hot – boiling hot, fervor of mind & zeal
  • Lukewarm – tepid, of the condition of the soul wretchedly fluctuating between a torpor (physical or mental inactivity, lethargy) and a fervor of love
  • Spit-spew – to vomit up, to reject with extreme disgust

After this, the Lord lead me to 2 Kings chapter 23…

2 Kings 23 – Josiah renews the covenant of the Lord

  • He smashed, demolished, tore down, and burnt every idol and method of idol worship throughout the land
  • He slaughtered all the priests (leaders) who lead God’s people in idol worship throughout the land
  • He ordered the priests (leadership) and doorkeepers to remove from the temple all the idols and methods of idol worship
  • He removed and demolished from the entrance to the temple, every idol and method of idol worship

This is the Word the Lord spoke to me through this passage…

“The enormity of sin in the land is horrendous. But the gravity (extreme alarming importance & seriousness) of sin in the house of God is abhorrent (detestable, hateful, loathsome, despicable, abominable, revolting, disgusting, repulsive, repellant, odious, nauseating, contemptible). My leaders, pastors, and shepherds have turned a blind eye to the rampant sin in the house of the Lord, because they do not wish to risk their popularity, their following, losing church members, losing church finances, etc. My leaders have ignored My warnings to call My people to holiness. Instead they have devised programs, entertainments, and activities that keep My people entertained & satisfied and ignorant of their deplorable condition.

Church “success” has become more important than establishing holiness in My house, more important than esteeming the presence of My Spirit. Why do you think My presence is so dim & fleeting and rarely truly experienced in My house? Because I am no longer welcome in My own house! I have no seat of honor wherefore to rest My weighty glory.

Where are My true prophets in the land who will rise up and sound the alarm? How long will they hold their tongues in silence while My people are languishing in sin and the land is dying? Even some of My prophets walk in fear, prophesying health wealth & prosperity in a land that is dying and destitute. Do My prophets believe I will not hold them accountable for the blood of unrighteous men?

The Day of the Lord draws NEAR!!! And I will judge My house first:

  • Purify yourselves
  • Wash your clothes
  • Repent before Me
  • Turn to Me with your whole heart
  • Remove the idols in your homes & in My house
  • Return to holiness
  • Seek Me while I can still be easily found”

Says the Lord

It took a full 10 days (Dec.28-Jan.6) for me to receive this revelation from God