Word for Leaders


This is a personal Word from the Lord spoken to me a few weeks ago in the place of prayer. Originally I thought it was meant for me and me only, but as I have meditated on it, I feel led to share it with anyone who consider themselves to be a leader in the body of Christ. Normally, embarrassment and shame would prevent me from sharing such a personal word, considering the corrective nature of His exhortation to me, but He “won’t let me go” until I obey…

  • Will YOU become the leader I have called you to become?
  • Will YOU become the leader I have created you to be?
  • Will you build My kingdom and My house, in My ways, in My timing, and according to My will?
  • Will you spend more time on your knees praying and seeking Me for My wisdom, direction, power, and glory than you spend in actual ministry performance and duties?
  • Don’t you know that the fruit produced in My ministry through you is a direct reflection of (and in proportion to) the amount of prayer you engage in?
  • Let you first priority be restoring, establishing, and fortifying My presence as a present tangible reality in your heart, your home, your congregation, your ministries, your city.
  • Stay on your face UNTIL YOU HAVE HEARD MY VOICE and truly understand what My Spirit is speaking to you, to your ministries, to your congregation, to your region, to your nation.
  • Refrain from (restrain yourself) from all ministry work…put a stop to all ministry endeavors…until those duties are in response to (and only in response to) what you have heard from Me in the place of fervent prayer.
  • Don’t allow your ministry work to originate from any other place than the Throne Room of My direction!

For how can you expect MY presence or MY power to flow in any other way???